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Friday, February 18, 2011

Summary of a talk given by Jan Cox, Dec.3, 1990

The conservative, bland nature of ordinary existence is for the sake of cultural continuity (and transition), and it effected via speech. E.g., "interviews" where the interviewee uses the interviewer's question as the initial part of his response. One person's ending is the start of someone else's beginning. Also, teasers/promo of upcoming news coverage during network news programs; this is the height of efficiency in giving episodic consciousness a feel for the seamlessness of life.

Alcohol/drugs interfere with personal continuity; this is disturbing to others (thus to Life and its agenda-of-growth) and Life causes many to be critical of such behavior. Continuity is a very important ingredient in the machinery of energy distribution within the Body of Life.

When men entered into the civilizing process by beginning to band together, note that the first institution necessary for culture/civilization growth is commercial exchange, i.e., trade. The ultimate trade is in information, particularly cultural info. The trade in transformational info (outside the range of continuity) is the ultimate info exchange, but it has no commercial market, i.e., there is no one to trade with. Therefore one interested in transcendence must find/re-invent a marketplace. This requires a sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice: sacrifice of your own ordinary knowledge. But it is the most impossible of all sacrifices while appearing to be the easiest. And this sacrifice of knowledge must be effected without keeping the memory alive of having done so, for memory is the agent of individual continuity.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Words are Drugs

Everyone unknowingly wants to have their brain chemistry continually altered. This includes everything from ice cream to greed. Were it not for the brain no one would seek beyond the plainest of fare at the Primary Level [physical-body]. The Secondary Level [thought-based, cultural] is specifically for directly stimulating the brain chemistry. There is no option for men, they must engage in Secondary Level activity for such stimulation; talk is the necessary agent in this. Thought itself shifts the brain chemistry. Words are the ultimate brain mutagen. Words are drugs; memory is an exceptional packaging for the reuse of same. Words have a much greater impact, power over the brain than any physical drugs. Were this not the case, why would anyone heed words? (Jan Cox, Feb 11, 1990)

Speech is the Ultimate Armor

Prepositions connect the brain with ignorance; they act as a shield or bridge to the noun/subject. which then passes for a physical-world thing or action. Speech is the ultimate armor; it is a kind of non-physical defense of the burgeoning intellect. Speech is the brain's "fists or feet" (fight or flight) equivalent of the body. The more specialized the speech, the greater the defense it offers against criticism. For A Neural Revolutionary it is necessary to be able to talk without a subject and think without an object, to engage in unaccompanied, naked song to no known score. (Jan Cox, Feb.1990)

The Absence Paradox

If you are somewhere else, you are not here.

You are not in Rome; you are somewhere else.

Therefore you are not here. (via

One Man's Meat...

Politically everyone is born a citizen; religiously everyone is born a child of his god; personally everyone is born into the impersonal Body of Life. Man is born in captivity so as to dream of freedom. This leaves open the question of who defines freedom. The question of whether man is free and thus responsible or not is moot. The real question is: What is freedom (for me). Life knocking at the door doesn't have an answer for you on this, but it is the Neural Revolutionary's meat. (Jan Cox, Feb.1990)

The Door

Immediately after the Creation, came "The Door". The door is how Life talks to man; Life is continually knocking on the door. The answering of the door is all that counts, not the significance of who may be knocking. People are wired such that it's impossible for them not to answer the door. A Neural Revolutionary (NR)can cease to answer the door. Life demands that you answer the door, all thoughts and feelings are secondary to the primary purpose of response to Life's knock.

A method available to the NR to assist in not-answering the door: thinking more than he has to; in this way he can determine who's knocking, its origin and whether or not it is to his advantage to answer the door or not... (Jan Cox - Feb. 1990)